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Grange Cookbooks


Important Announcement  


A brand new cookbook will be published by the State Grange as past of the celebration of its 150th anniversary coming up in 2023. Recipes are currently being collected from Grange members for this collector's item. A specific date for the publication has not yet been announced. Watch for details!  




Granges and Grange members have long cherished their reputation for good cooking. Most Grangers are rural or small town residents with access to fresh wholesome ingredients. Many carry on the tradition of preparing food for their family's consumption along with sharing their time, skills and ingredients to prepare many community meals and fund raising dinners.

It's not surprising, then, that cookbooks have been put together by Grangers for decades to share recipes and household hints.  What may be surprising is the continuing popularity of these Grange cookbooks and that demand has led to the reprinting of many editions and the publishing of new editions.  



Perry Valley Grange has a limited number of the various cookbooks available for purchase. Many of the older books have been reprinted and all copies are brand new, never used. You may purchase them by calling Douglas Bonsall at 717-921-1957. The cost varies by book and is shown below along with a description of each book.  Please add $4 per bookto the price to cover shipping costs for any books that must be mailed. 




2010 PA State Grange Cookbook
2 copies available

The seventh cookbook published by the Pennsylvania State Grange features over 1,500 recipes.

     Cost: $18 + $4 (shipping/handling)




2000 National Grange Cookbook
9 copies available

Grange members and friends from across the national submitted the tasty recipes in this favorite.  "What's Cooking in the Grange” features nearly 400 recipes, including one unique to each state. 

 Cost: $15 +$4 (shipping/handling)




1998 PA State Grange Grange Cookbook
1 copy available

This cookbook was published in honor of the State Grange's 125th anniversary. It includes some historical information along with hundreds of tasty recipes. 

   Cost: $18 +$4 (shipping/handling)




1992 PA State Grange Cookbook
2 copies available

Over 75,000 copies of this edition have been sold. In addition to hundreds of recipe, it feature many pages of hints and information useful to both novice and experienced cooks. 

    Cost: $18 +$4 (shipping/handling)




1986 National Grange Cookbook
2 copies available

"The Glory of Cooking" celebrated the 200th anniverary of the United States Constitution and was the third cookbook published by the National Grange. Recipes are included from friends in Washington D.C. as well as the Governors of all the states whose representatives were the original signers of the Constituion. 

    Cost: $15 + $4 (shipping/handling)




1984 PA State Grange Cookbook
2 copies available


Like the Grange cookbooks before it, this book was compiled of recipes submitted by Grangers from across the Keystone State. It also contains many handy tables of measurements and substitutions, all of which can be invaluable, especially to kitchen novices. This book contains over 1500 recipes in its 480 pages.

    Cost: $18 + $4 (shipping/handling)




1972 PA State Grange Cookbook
3 copies available

Perhaps the most popular of all Grange cookbooks, this edition is a perennial favorite that has been reprinted numerous times over nearly 50 years. It contains more than 1,500 recipes in 19 categories. 

     Cost: $20 + $4 (shipping/handling)



1950 PA State Grange Cookbook
2 copies available

This was the State Grange's second published cookbook and includes more than 1000 recipes.   The 250-page 1950 version remains popular and reprints are available.

Cost: $13 + $4 (shipping/handling)




1925 PA State Grange Cookbook
3 copies available

This was the State Grange's very first cookbook published in 1925 to raise funds for the construction of a dormitory for women ont he campus of the Pennsylvania State University. A limited edition reprting was done in 1993 to benefit other charitable purposes. While many recipes in this book may not be useful to day's cooks, it is an interesting resource of dishes made by many of our grandmothers.

Cost: $10 + $4 (shipping/handling)



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